Cow Circus Artist: Lisandra Di Liberto Brown

Cow Circus
Artist: Lisandra Di Liberto Brown

LIGHTNINGSTRUCK the Novel   Artist: Ashley Mace Havird

Artist: Ashley Mace Havird

Romantic Monody Artist Devin Rachul McClintic

Romantic Monody
Artist Devin Rachul McClintic

PHASES:  A Moonbot Studios Retrospective   MAY 20, 2016

PHASES:  A Moonbot Studios Retrospective  MAY 20, 2016

Outlier Artist: Mollie Corbett April 7

Artist: Mollie Corbett
April 7

Critical MASS  February 26 -?

Critical MASS
February 26 -?

spotted Artist:  Nick Cave February 26 - 

Artist:  Nick Cave
February 26 - 


Holiday PopUP!   December 7

Holiday PopUP!
December 7

From Flowers To Form: Art Inspired by Mathematics Artist:  Harriet Stone Evans November 5

From Flowers To Form: Art Inspired by Mathematics
Artist:  Harriet Stone Evans
November 5




Artbreak 2012 Winning Showcase Exhibition
9/20/2012 – 10/27/2012

mainspace: The Brothers Fitch La Plus Belle Poubelle
8/24/2012 – 10/20/2012

coolspace: Common SEEN
8/16/2012 – 9/15/2012

coolspace: Along the Way by Blair Thrall
8/16/2012 – 9/15/2012

coolspace: The Pleasure of Life
6/21/2012 – 7/21/2012

mainspace: Juxtaputt-Putt
6/1/2012 – 8/4/2012

coolspace: “It’s the Wildest Show in the South!”

coolspace: Colorism: The Art of Zama Dexter & Randy Hedgcock
5/17/2012 – 6/16/2012

coolspace: Christopher Moore: Art of Weapons
4/5/2012 – 5/5/2012
“The art of Weapons is thought provoking as well as a whimsical look at weapons in everyday life and death. The show will encompass over 60 works of art in sculpture, plate steel wall hangings, as well as paintings. 

mainspace: Borderlands: Journeys from Destruction to Creation
3/30/2012 – 5/12/2012
“Belger makes custom cameras created from and for the subject he will photograph. His camera projects are based in personal exploration and are constantly evolving. His work has been exhibited in galleries around the world. Learn more at www.boyofblue.com.”

coolspace: Rachel Stuart-Haas: One Woman Show
2/16/2012 – 3/13/2012
Winner, BEST OF SHOW in the 2011 IMPROMPTU exhibition at Artspace. 
Rachel’s paintings are mysterious and feminine. She describes her work as “an interpretation of psychic emotions and experiences of being a woman.” See more of Rachel’s work at the Northwest Louisiana Artist Directory located at www.shrevearts.org

coolspace: remArcable art
1/20/2012 – 2/18/2012
“The Arc Caddo-Bossier Foundation is honored to be able to share with our community the wonderful talents and abilities of individuals with disabilities.  This art exhibition features five remArcable Louisiana artists in the “Minute Gallery.”




mainspace: Spontaneous Emissions
1/20/2011 – 2/18/2012
“My paintings largely happen: their underpinnings unannounced until their emergence, but sufficiently potent once at play in design that they leave me a sense that I am not in charge so much as along for the ride.”

“Safe Harbor” dedication 4/13/2011

mainspace: Fantastic Mr. Fox
9/9/2011 (sneak peek) 9/24/2011 – 11/27/2011
“Travel down the foxhole into the story of an imaginary world, through underground tunnels, and join Mr. Fox in this fantastic journey!”

3 Openings 1 Night
8/4/2011 –

coolspace: On the Shoulders of Giants
6/26/2011 – 7/23/2011
The exhibition features artits’ reflections, responses, salutes and representations of Sir Isaac Newton’s observation: ‘IF I HAVE SEEN A LITTLE FURTHER, IT IS BY STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS”

coolspace: Made Out of Paint: A Coolspace Exhibition by John C. Wagoner
3/31/2011 – 4/30/2011
“I deny my artwork as sculptures but define them as three-dimensional paintings, as these objects are entirely made out of the medium of paint. I challenge the notion of what painting is and where it could end.”

coolspace: Oh, Really…
5/20/2011 – 7/30/2011
“In the visual arts realism denotes any approach that depicts what the eye can see. “Oh really?” is an exhibition of three female professional, established artists well-known for their work in the Realism art style.”

Impromptu Awards Presentation and Critic’s Talk, 4/2/2011 Blurb
Impromptu Picnic, 3/10/2011

2/25/2011 – 5/7/2011
“Cakeland is a series of sculptures resembling perfect delicious cakes. The sculptures, with their display of beauty, lure the viewer into a sense of anticipation.”

coolspace: Dupe: A Coolspace Exhibition by Jeormie Journell
1/20/2011 – 2/18/2011




“The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore”, 11/13/2010 – 1/29/2011

January 21 Art a la Carte

February 26 Collector's Eye


4 After 5, 11/18/2010 – 1/7/2011

Story Within, 9/23/2010 – 10/30/2010

Club Dantzic, 8/13/2010 – 10/16/2010

Coolspace Presents Maxium Mindshare by Tony Reans, 5/22/2010 – 7/10/2010

Pop, 5/21/2010 – 7/10/2010 Big Blurb



mainspace - Tattoo:  Exploring the history of the American Tattoo
January 30 - March 28, 2009

mainspace - A New Revolution:  The Art of Cuba
April 17 - June 27, 2009
Teresa Iturralde, Guest Curator

coolspace - A+E in the Garden of Earthly Sunny D's
April 17 - May 16, 2009

mainspace - BONA FIDE!
October 1 - October 18, 2009
An Exhibition of Artworks created by Northwest Louisiana Juried Roster Artists
Participating Artists:
Don Alexander, Bruce Allen, Michael Boicourt, Shirley Campbell, Nadine Charity, Carlos Colon, Jerry Davenport, Nan Dozier, Alan Dyson, Laura Flett, Byron Gates Jr., Bill Gingles, Michael Graham, Becky Haigler, Hugh Hamilton, Dorothy Kristin Hanna, Curt Harville, Jane Heggen, Ron Hardy, Mary Virginia Hill, Talbot Hopkins, Neil Johnson, James King, Thomas Little, Rachul McClintic, Theresa Mormino, Tama Nathan, Mary Louise Porter, Angela Rice, Tony Reans, Tamara Sigler, Lucienne Simon, Ellen Soffer, Sue Stella, Blair Thrall, Robert Trudeau, and Jerry Wray.
In addition to presenting their artworks, the artists competed for two awards:
- $1,000 for the “Best of Show Award in Exhibition” went to Talbot Hopkins
- $1,000 for the “Best Of Show Award in Performance” went to Poetic X.

July 31 Graffiti

October 1 Bonafide

November 6 Triumph Over Tragedy


coolspace - Planned Obsolescence by Angela Rice
February 1 - March 22, 2008

mainspace - The Money Show, produced by the West Edge Artists' Co-op
March 14 - April 12, 2008
The member artists of the West Edge Artists' Co-op will explore the relationship between money and their art.

mainspace - spaceart @ artspace
May 3 - June 14, 2008
A collaborative exhibition with the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra "Ocular Odyssey" featuring "The Planets" by Gustav Holst
Featuring the artists:
William Joyce - artpsace Artistic Director - Mars
Don Alexander - Mercury
Nadine Charity - Saturn
Michael Harold - Jupiter
Jane Heggen - Uranus
Laura Noland-Harter - Neptune
Mary Louise Porter - Venus
Thomas Little - "The Planets"

mainspace - Curious, Mysterious and Strange:  Secrets of the Sideshow
June 28 - August 30, 2008
This unique exhibition features sideshow banners and mechanical sculptures!  
Meet Pamela Joseph, Saturday, June 28.  Tour of sculptures and Artist's Talks!







Sept 11

Coolspace  Taffie Cragon Garsee

mainspace:  Wayne White

Coolspace  Cheesecake Girls

Coolspace  A better life for all exhibtion

Coolspace  We make millions of good times

Coolspace  Critical Mass 2

mainspace:  Generationless

Coolspace  Adam Volker and Joe Bluhm

mainspace:  Artspace PRESENTS

Coolspace  Alison Atkins

mainspace:  PRINT

Coolspace  Joshua Chambers

Coolspace  Astrophotography

Coolspace  Amanda Roe

mainspace:  The Making of... Epic

Coolspace  Stephen Porter

mainspace:  Southern Dialogues

Coolspace  Dangerous Curves - Mollie Corbett

Coolspace  DJ Hard

mainspace:  The making of the Rise of the Guardians

mainspace:  Bonafide 2

Coolspace  ArtBreak Exhibition

Coolspace  Blair Thrall

Coolspace  Henry Goodrich

mainspace:  La Plus Belle Poubelle - The Fitch Bros

Coolspace  Common SEEN

mainspace:  Juxtaputt-putt (local artists)

Coolspace  Colorism

mainspace: Borderlands

Coolspace  Christopher Moore

Coolspace  Rachel Stuart Haas

Coolspace  RemArcable Art (the Arc)

Coolspace  Spontananeous Emissions (Pat Sewell)

mainspace:  Fantastic Mr. Fox

Coolspace  art of the road

Coolspace  3 show opening (Dee Dee Hall / Jonathan Moore / Dorothy Kristin Hanna)

Coolspace  On the shoulder of giants

Coolspace  oh, really (3 artists)

Coolspace  Make out of Paint

mainspace:  Cakeland

Coolspace  Dupe - Jeormie Journell

mainspace:  The Making of... Fantastic Flying Books

Coolspace  4 after 5 (4 artists)

Coolspace  Ryan Whitmore

mainspace:  Club Dantzic

mainspace:  POP!

Coolspace  2010 Shades of Shreveport

Coolspace  Laddy Norwood (not local)

mainspace:  Collector's Eye

Coolspace  Art a la Carte

mainspace:  Triumph Over Tragedy

mainspace:  Bonafide

mainspace:  Graffiti(local artists include… Gypsy, Will Tuft, Mike Silba)
Coolspace  Josephine Carmody
Coolspace  Graham Mears
Coolspace  The Art of Cuba (not local artist)
Coolspace  Zach Skelton

mainspace:  Tattoo (unknown artists?)
Jan 30 Mar 28, 2009

mainspace:  Bonafide – (Bruce Allen, Don Alexander, Michael Boicourt, Shirley Campbell, Nadine Charity, Carlos Colon, Jerry Davenport, Nan Dozier, Alan Dyson, Laura Flett, Byron Gates, Bill Gingles, Michael Graham, Becky Haigler, Dorothy Kristin Hanna, Ron Hardy, Curtis Harville, B. Jane Heggen, Mary Virginia Hill,Talbot Hopkins, Neil Johnson, James King, Thomas Little, Rachul McClintic, Theresa Mormino, Tama Nathan, Poetic X, Mary Louise Porter, Tony Reans, Angela Rice, Tarama Sigler, Lucienne Simon, Ellen Soffer, Su Stella, Blair Thrall, Robert Trudeau, Jerry Wray.

mainspace:  Deck the Halls

mainspace:  Legacy of Clyde Connell (Dixon Ent, Dr. Pat Sewell, Dr. Bennett Sewell, Carol Shafton, Bryan Anthony Colvin, Bryan Connell, and Talbot Hopkins… also Robert Trudeau documentary)
Coolspace  Bette Kaugman
Coolspace  Ophelia Boyd and Stephen Soffer
mainspace:  Secrets of the Big Top (don’t know artists)
Coolspace  Scarlett Hendricks and Steve Roell

mainspace:  artspace space art (Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, Gustav Holst)
Coolspace  MLK Intergenerational Quilters

Coolspace  The MONEY Show – West Edge Artists’ Co-Op

Coolspace  Angela Celeste Rice
Coolspace  Experiments in color (Jerry Wray, Mary Virginia Hill, Kathleen Brodnax, Tama Nathan, Lynn Simmons, Laura Noland Harter, B. Jane Heggen and Sue Gilpin

mainspace:  6IX

Coolspace  Michael Graham

mainspace:  Deck the Halls

mainspace:  Dia De Los Muertos (Robert Trudeau, Talbot Hopkins, Laura Noland Harter, Lucienne Simon, Guy Bond, B. Jane Heggen, Tama Nathan and friends, Kathryn Usher, Conchita McElwee, Vicki Jacobsen and more)

Coolspace  Matt DeFord

Coolspace  Naked Eye – Ernie McDaniel

mainspace:  Meet The Robinsons

Coolspace  Five one man galleries – Shawna Atkins, Camille Jungman, Antoinette Lawson, Ross Lynn, Ellen Soffer
Coolspace  Patric McWilliams
mainspace:  IN FASHION (area artists)

Coolspace  Byron Gates

mainspace:  Eye 20 Group – unknown # of artists

mainspace:  Deck the Halls

mainspace:  Faces of Katrina  (Joyce, Stan Carpenter, Kathryn Gaienne, Mike Silva, Talkbot Hopkins, Philip Gould)

mainspace:  New Orleans Artist in Exile / MADE IN NEW ORLEANS

Coolspace  & mainspace:   FOLK A.R.T. is…

Coolspace  Common Places/Places in Common (Mark Indig)  Local?

mainspace:  Deck the Halls

Coolspace  ArtBreak show

Coolspace  Highway Haiku retrospective

mainspace:  Elysium, a Gathering of Souls

Coolspace  Of Men and Monsters (Michael G. Moore, Christopher Mark, Burt, and Thomas Little)

Coolspace  Meet the Area Artists

mainspace:  Sept 11 2004 - Peter Pan