Artspace Artist Studio Exhibition Opening


Most Artists “live their work,” but we all need balance in our lives—a LITTLE SPACE or separation between work and all the rest. An Artists’ studio is where the magic happens--the conjuring place for new Art. During APRIL CULTURE CRUSH, the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) is awarding seven Northwest Louisiana artists the opportunity to create their own studio space in artspace to create, work, demonstrate and SELL their art to the public.

The seven artists chosen include Lisandra T. Di Liberto Brown, Eric Francis, Sarah Joy Lewis, James Marks, Sherry Tamburo, Robert Trudeau and Kathryn Usher. Each of them has a separate and unique style. One is a fiber artist and views the world in textured and deconstructed layers. Another, after working with Soundsuit Artist Nick Cave, is now creating sculptural and jewelry forms. One is a sketcher who has set out most recently to imagine and render the characters of the Bayou State whose faces, figures and postures in their material poverty and soulful splendor touch him. And yet another paints whimsical red winged cows that remind her of her home in Puerto Rico.

But why does SRAC feel such a need to facilitate this juncture in the advancement of Northwest Louisiana’s Professional Arts Community?

“There is a need for piloting Artist Studios in Northwest Louisiana to understand the level to which they will serve as the backbone for the continued commitment to Authenticity, Community, Creativity and Sustainability in the development of Shreveport Common,” explained Pam Atchison, SRAC Executive Director. “SRAC has awarded NWLA Professional Artists the opportunity to design their own Studio Space @artspace to give them an idea of what it takes to operate and manage a Studio on a daily basis and to give the public an opportunity to experience what happens in an Artist Studio. artspace is the perfect location for the Artist Studios because its mission from the outset has been to support the creation, exhibition and presentation of all Arts,” added Atchison.

Though some might argue artists do not “need” a studio, for many it affirms and confirms that they are a Professional Artist. It is uplifting in a psychological way. And to your public and the community, Artists Studios say that we are truly an Art Community—a place where people will travel to see Art and where the economy is bolstered by the revenue that Art and Art Events produce. If we value art, we must value our Artists. SRAC hopes that by awarding these first Artist Studios @artspace, they will be raising the community's awareness of artists’ workspace as an important element in thee continued development of the Arts neighborhood of Shreveport Common. 

"Each of the seven artists who will have studios in artspace from April 6 to May 13 has such different processes that it will make for fascinating viewing by the public as we progress on our pieces. For me personally, one of the advantages of being awarded the studio is the ability to design my own space. After working with Nick Cave and discovering high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as an art material, I've been interested in seeing how large I can go when building textile sculptures. The tall walls in artspace will be ideal for bold fluorescent experiments."

An Artist Studio is usually a private sanctum, but during APRIL CULTURE CRUSH, the public gets a rare opportunity for a sneak peak. Studios will open for the first time on the evening of Culture Crush 5 on April 6 and will remain open until May 13. Every Thursday Evening the Artists Studios will be open late for Sales and Artists demonstrations from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Don’t miss it!