Tribute Retrospective: Carlos Colon, Jane Ryder, & Paula Hallman


Shreveport Regional Arts Council Showcases the Unique Art of Paula Hallman, Carlos Colón and Jane Ryder in a Memorial Exhibition Opening February 1 at artspace Shreveport

Fantasy Dolls, Haiku Elvis and Feathers, Flowers and Veils—this was the “stuff,” the heart of the Art, of three beloved Northwest Louisiana’s artists:  PAULA HALLMAN, CARLOS COLÓN AND JANE RYDER.  The Shreveport Regional Arts Council will open a RETROSPECTIVE TRIBUTE to celebrate the lives and Art of these three remarkably talented NWLA Roster Artists on Wednesday, February 1, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at artspace, 710 Texas St. in downtown Shreveport.  The Opening is scheduled as part of the Wednesday Downtown Art Walk.

Paula Hallman was a skilled painter and sculptor, known best for the long-necked, mostly female fantasy dolls she created.   According to photographer and author Neil Johnson, Hallman’s inspiration for her dolls came from “that place where creativity is kept—in that state of mind just when one is falling asleep, leaving the conscious world and entering the unconscious world of dreams.”  One of Hallman’s dolls is adorned with a halo of roses upon which a fat fish with brilliant red fins sits and another is a ghostly musician with a small crescent moon for a head, but all have those elongated necks.  In Paula’s words, “with their long necks, they can see into both worlds.”  Her artist statement reveals, “Life is overflowing with beauty, mystery and enchantment.  Oftentimes, we are too busy or involved in our daily struggles to notice the beauty in our world (or other worlds!).  My goal as an artist is to remind us to see the beauty, feel the joy or maybe just to smile!”  Paula Hallman’s art has brought a smile to many people.  A separate tribute night for Hallman will be held at artspace on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16 at 5:30 p.m.

 Carlos Colón was Caddo Parish Poet Laureate and publisher of more than 1,000 poems and 12 chapbooks.  Carlos has often been credited with creating the literary community in Northwest Louisiana.  He was best known for his comical Haiku poetry, which he often performed in Elvis costumes.  He was a long-time librarian at Shreveport Memorial Library and curated revolving exhibits of Haiku by poets from around the world for the Electronic Poetry Network from 1997-2011.  Colón was a Pushcart Prize nominee and had his poems published in a variety of journals including Modern Haiku, Journal of Poetry Therapy, Writer’s Digest and Louisiana Literature.  Eight of his poems were published in The Red Moon Anthology, which yearly collects the best English-Language Haiku and related works.  His poetry is also part of two public art projects:  the “Let the Good Times Roll” mural in Shreveport’s Festival Plaza and a renku display outside of a temple on Sado Island in Japan.  Additionally, Colón was editor of Shreve Memorial Library’s Electronic Poetry Network, which he established in 1997.  A separate tribute night for Colón will be held at artspace on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23 at 5:30 p.m.

Jane Ryder created with feathers, flowers, veiling and a design style that captured the eye and imaginations of world-wide celebrities and movie producers as well as people in her adopted home of Shreveport.  Northwest Louisiana loved Ryder’s vibrancy and her spirit and often wore her hats for Derby Day at Louisiana Downs.  She designed a dress that was worn to the Oscars and Joan Rivers wore one of her hats—a burgundy one with a big feather--in “Fashion Police.”  Her credits include Olympus Has Fallen, Playing the Field, Drive Angry, Battle Los Angeles, Mad Money and others.  A separate tribute night for Ryder will be held at artspace on THURSDAY, March 2 at 5:30 p.m.

Join the Shreveport Regional Arts Council to celebrate the lives and art of three of Northwest Louisiana’s best loved Roster Artists at a RETROSPECTIVE TRIBUTE TO PAULA HALLMAN, CARLOS COLÓN AND JANE RYDER, Wednesday, February 1 from 5:30 pm. To 8:30 p.m. at artspace, 710 Texas St. in downtown Shreveport.  The Opening Reception is FREE to the public and Southern Fork Catering will provide light snacks with a cash bar.  With the Opening scheduled as a part of the Wednesday Downtown Art Walk, Art patrons are able to enjoy artists, exhibits, live museum and hands-on activities all in one evening at multiple downtown Shreveport locations including SUMAS, the Lofts at 624, the Marlene Yu Museum, Tipitina’s and others.