Shawn Barber Painting Workshop

Book your seat in this intimate class starting this week.

On Saturday, August 27th, artists can register for Barber's live figure painting workshop at "We will be painting a portrait from observation in a single session," explained Barber. "This workshop would benefit any practicing artist who has some experience with drawing and painting, especially observational drawing and painting," said Barber. "We will us a 'wet into wet' method of oil painting called 'alla-prima,' completing a portrait study in a short time frame," added Barber.

The cost is $125/person ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED. 
Disposable Palette Tray
Assorted Brushes
Gessoed Panel; 9”x12”
Galkyd Slow Dry; 
Assorted Gamblin Oil Paints*
Plus Live Model.

Register here.