Nick Cave AS IS Exhibition

Don’t Miss the Blankets, Spirit Sticks, Photography, Documentary Film and Documentary Book of “AS IS BY NICK CAVE” Premiering at artspace November 19th

5:30pm – 8:00pm
Cool Nibbles & Cash Bar by Southern Fork Catering

“The Making of AS IS” ($25)
BOOK SIGNING by author Bob Faust, Nick Cave, and the Resident Artists

8:00pm @ Robinson Film Center
The Debut of the Documentary Film by Evan Falbaum, Moviesauce ($9.50 tix) with a Q & A. 

(Shreveport, LA) – Nick Cave came to Shreveport as artist-in-residence for the Shreveport Regional Arts Council (SRAC) in the summer of 2015 with a message—an invitation to celebrate what makes each of us unique—UNcommon.  He chose beaded blankets as the medium rather than the Soundsuits for which he is so well known because his vision was that the people of Northwest Louisiana would weave their own stories--personal identities—into each of these very different blankets.  On November 19th, 2016, an exhibition of 60 blankets along with spirit sticks and Brittany Strickland’s behind-the-scenes photography will open in the mainspace at artspace. The documentary book about the NICK CAVE Residency will also debut and Evan Falbaum’s Moviesauce documentary film will premier later that same night at Robinson Film Center.  Don’t miss seeing how Nick Cave “blanketed” Shreveport Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 5:30 p.m. at artspace and at Robinson Film Center at 8:30 p.m.

 “I consider ‘AS IS’ one of my Dream Projects--One that was completely realized just as I envisioned it and that I hope left an imprint on the artists I was honored to work with and the Uncommon Northwest Louisiana community that was part of the making of it,” said Soundsuit Artist Nick Cave.  “This exhibition, the Moviesauce film and the ‘AS IS by Nick Cave’ book is part of that imprint and a physical representation of what I leave behind,” added Cave.

“The Shreveport Regional Arts Council brought Nick Cave to Northwest Louisiana for a yearlong Artist Residency in the nine-block community of Shreveport Common to work with our Northwest Louisiana artists, to build up and advance the ‘Uncommon’ creative community that is Shreveport Common—to help create an indelible artistic mark in this unusual cultural community,” said Pam Atchison, Executive Director of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.  “Beginning November 19th and running through January 7, 2017, the public will have the opportunity to view the blankets, spirits sticks, behind the scenes photography and incredible Moviesauce film that resulted from this incredible opportunity.  We want everyone to have a chance to see what Nick Cave did to touch our artists and others in Northwest Louisiana,” added Atchison.

One of the highlights of the opening evening at artspace will be the debut of the book documenting the “AS IS by Nick Cave” experience in Shreveport and designed by Cave Special Projects Director Bob Faust.  The book dramatically illustrates the entire project from start to finish and features scenes from the one-time performance of “AS IS” at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium as well as an entire section dedicated to the blanket that were the heart of the project.  Both Cave and Faust will be at the artspace exhibition opening on the night of November 19th to sign copies of the book.

“Materially, ‘AS IS’ the book, incorporates several different papers and printing techniques. It is also made from three different sized booklets, one that needs to be torn open in order to access the content,” explains Bob Faust, Designer and Cave Special Projects Director.

“These two decisions make manifest the concept that we all are just as we should be and do not need to be packaged up and presented perfectly to be our best,” added Faust.

There were only 350 copies of this limited edition book printed and it will be on sale on a first-come, first-served basis on the night of the opening of the exhibition for a cost of $25.  Any remaining copies will be available from the Shreveport Regional Arts Council or at artspace.

Another highlight of the evening will be the debut of the Nick Cave film immediately following the artspace exhibition at Robinson Film Center.  MOVIESAUCE Owner and Creative Director Evan Falbaum spent 12 months with the Shreveport Regional Arts Council artist in residence Nick Cave and captured the profound way in which he delivered his message of change to the Northwest Louisiana community.  In the film, the audience will see and hear the “AS IS” project from its beginning in the SRAC boardroom all the way to the premiere of the actual performance of “AS IS by Nick Cave” at the historic Shreveport Municipal Auditorium.

“I don’t know if any of us really knew what we were getting into at the start of the Nick Cave ‘AS IS’ project, but looking back on it now it was such a strange and beautiful experience,” said Evan Falbaum, Moviesauce owner and Creative Director.  “Nick brought so many people together who wouldn’t otherwise have been involved in something like this. I don’t know if anything like it will ever happen again, and I’m really glad to have been a part of it and to have had the privilege of documenting it,” added Falbaum.

Blankets on display within the exhibit were created by the residents of four social service agencies in the Shreveport Common neighborhood—Volunteers of America LightHouse, Volunteers of America McAdoo, Mercy Center and Providence House--under the direction

of five Northwest Louisiana artists including Heather Beauvais, Jerry Davenpot, Karen T. La Beau, Sherry Tamburo and Kathryn Usher.  Those on display include Chaos of Addiction, Weaving Awareness, Grandmothers Garden and Pre Katrina/Post Katrina.  They represent

the burdens, reveal some of our weaknesses and illustrate the hope of a community—social service agency residents, local artists, Red River Revelers, Deltas and other sorority sisters and bead-a-thon participants—who are working to become one despite our differences and to accept each other “AS IS.”

“The blankets that the residents at The Providence House created with the help of Northwest Louisiana artists Sherry Tamburo and Heather Beauvais literally gave them a voice to tell their stories,” said Providence House liaison Nashunte Ragster-Manuel.  “Homelessness is not a one-size fits all, but a personal journey for each of the families who go thorough our program, and the blankets were a way for them to express themselves and personalize their stories.  The blankets talked for them,” added Ragster-Manuel.

“The Nick Cave project provided an outlet that helped us all escape an unjust world, blurring the lines of race, socioeconomic injustice and gender bias,” said Northwest Louisiana artist Sherry Tamburo.  "’As Is’ left a legacy in Northwest Louisiana and provided a framework that has allowed us to go back into the community and continue working with Social Service Groups to offer an outlet for creativity.  In an era of cutbacks, insecurity, and a world that looks at negativity as the norm, art rescues us from that reality. The Nick Cave Project did just that,” added Tamburo.

 Nick Cave himself remembers his year-long Northwest Louisiana experience as an incredible opportunity to discover some of the unique talent native to our part of the country.  He purposefully opted to use the home-grown talent in this area to create the premier performance of “AS IS” and collaborated with spoken word artist PoeticX; with soloist Brenda Wimberly and Music Director Sereca Robinson Henderson; with Luther Cox, Jr. and dancers from the Inter-City Row Modern Dance Company as well as from Northwest State University; and with musician Michael Futreal to name a few.

 As he moved on to his next major project and the largest exhibition of his career, “Until,” that opened at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASSMoCA) on October 17, 2016, Cave invited Northwest Louisiana’s Brenda Wimberly and Sereca Robinson Henderson to open the exhibition.  He also PoeticX to join him at MASSMoCA to participate in a group discussion from which PoeticX would be asked to create an independent work for possible use in an upcoming Cave show.

Cave said about his invitations to Wimberly, Henderson and PoeticX, “I am blessed that my work introduces me to extraordinary people with even more brilliant talents.  MASSMoCA’s programming of ‘Until’ will be imbued with many of them, and I can not wait to see what they bring.”

MASSMoCA was the experience of a lifetime for Wimberly, Henderson and PoeticX and fulfilled a goal of the SRAC artists in residence—to give Northwest Louisiana artists an entrée, an opportunity to grow their talents beyond our region and to share with the rest of the world just what depth of art and creativity we have to offer.

“One of the greatest memories that I take away from my work with this great artist Nick Cave is how his faith and encouragement bolsters an artist’s ability to move past any limitation or apprehension that you might have of who you are,” said soloist and San Francisco Opera’s Leontyne Price Award winning Brenda Wimberly.  “My experience being a part of the ‘AS IS by Nick CAVE’ performance in Shreveport and performing at his debut of ‘Until’ at MASSMoCA were life changing.  I am ever grateful for the opportunity,” added Wimberly.

“THE ART OF AS IS BY NICK CAVE” exhibition opens at artspace in downtown Shreveport on Saturday, November 19th at 5:30 and is FREE to the public.  There will be a limited number of the “AS IS by Nick Cave” documentary books available for purchase and autographing by Nick Cave, Bob Faust and the Artists Team.  The “AS IS by Nick Cave” documentary film by Evan Falbaum and Moviesauce will premier at The Robinson Film Center at 8:00 p.m. following the exhibition.  The exhibition will remain at artspace through January 14th.  For more information, visit