Artist: Nadine Charity
In February 2015, Literary Critic Thom Ward chose Nadine Charity for the Critical MASS Best In Show in Literary Arts where she was awarded $2,000 and her own artspace exhibition. Nadine’s show, “Disengaged” is described as “a show in flux”, and an interactive writing exhibition. Nadine has created the beginnings of thoughts on paper and invites the public to interpret then finish her thoughts by submitting ideas to be printed on her large works hanging on the wall.

On opening night, Thom Ward returns to present a critique of Nadine’s exhibition starting at 6:30pm, and Nadine will follow with an artist Q & A about her works.
This Exhibition Opening is part of Common Culture Week.

For more of Nadine’s works visit nwlaartists.org

Opening Reception
Friday June 26  at 5:30pm - 8:30pm