Harriet Evans Stone Artist Talk

NOTE: The Date has changed.

Hear from the Artist behind the From Flower to Form Exhibition.

Art is hard to define, but three words characterize the work that I most admire: ORDER FROM CHAOS. I believe that art can be beautiful, sensitive, lyrical, and strong. It can also have a message.
For many years I taught calculus and geometry and made paintings. I made large floral still lifes in a loose, painterly, realistic and somewhat dramatic format using both oils and acrylics. Later I did watercolors- smaller and more detailed. I was also immersed in a project I designed relating math to the fine arts and humanities. I called it “A Mathematical Magic Show”. This began as a school event and became a geometry exhibit for science museums, renamed “Spaceshapes” My motivation for the project was to show that math and art have a rich history together in a culture where the two disciplines are rarely mentioned in the same breath. I was further inspired by a meeting of artist-mathematicians from all over the world, which I attended at the State University of New York at Albany in 1995. 
Several years ago it occurred to me that I could convey a lot of math through paintings and geometric structures. I am interested in conveying the essence of the elegant and less familiar geometries as a motivational device. This involves intense research on the topics I want to illustrate and has required inventing and mastering new techniques. My work is currently focused on this project, which I find immensely challenging, satisfying and enjoyable.

Harriet Stone Evans