Dr. Blood Artist Talk

Join Drew Hunter AKA Dr. Blood as he shares with Shreveport the secret of his craft.  Free for all ages at artspace

About Dr. Blood
In 1975 Shreveport artist Drew Hunter  was president of the Gas Light Players, located on the Louisiana State Fairgrounds. It was here Hunter wrote and designed a staging of a haunted experiences as Dr. Blood.  Drew’s involvement in the  attraction lasted through the 1985 Fair. Hunter  would move on to work around the Dallas area in a Wax Museum while hosting Fright Fests at Six Flags, and later hosted his own haunted attraction -- Dr. Blood’s ScreamScapes!
Today Drew is the VP of Creative Design at Sally Corporation in Jacksonville, Florida. A compatny renown around the globe for its design and production of realistic animatronic characters and interactive dark ride attractions for theme and amusement parks.