"Belle Mar" The Poetry of Katie Bickham

There were fools who would think 
the red-faced pair of dinner guests 
only took the serving maid  
behind the house, her elbows in their hands, 
to ask her questions, lift a hand a time 
or two to redress some wrongdoing. 
And there were wise men, fine party hosts, 
who called for another dance to cover the noise, 
who perspired and called it too much wine, 
who would sort the matter out in the gravity 
of tomorrow’s daylight. 
And there were women in between, women 
who bent stairs or hid on them, girls without 
candles who saw everything in the darkness. 
An Excerpt from The Inner Stair, 1887

An Excerpt from The Inner Stair, 1887


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Winner, Literary BEST OF SHOW 2014 CRITICAL MASS Exhibition II chosen by critic, David Uline.  Katie Bickham was born and raised in the Deep South and finds much of her writing turning itself toward her home state of Louisiana. After receiving her BA in English and MA in Liberal Arts from Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Katie took Steinbeck’s maxim (“You can never really write about a place until you leave it”) to heart when she left Shreveport for the University of Southern Maine.  Katie believes, "Poetry can trim the busy-ness of our lives and leave us with the good solid truths that, in reading, we discover have been hiding inside us eternally."  Her poems have appeared in Deep South Magazine and The Road Not Taken: A Journal of Formal Poetry.