What was JuxtaPutt-Putt?

Artists, designers and architects answered an open call to create green-themed holes, pitching ideas destined to challenge players’ senses as much as their games.  Over 35 designs were submitted and we selected designs by these local artists:  Bruce Allen, Wade Easley, Dorothy Kristin Hanna, Micah Harold, Jim HayesRyan McCutcheon, Travis Jore, Mattie Lofton, Mike McSwain, Christopher Merckle, and Ryan Shulze!  read more…

The adventure began at the Caddy Shack where visitors picked up a colorful PUTTER and BALL…then took the challenge of beating the “JawBreaker” before it clamped down on the ball, or finding a way through “Alice in Putterland“, don’t get caught in the “Mousetrap” or lost in the “8 Bit Dungeon“…and this was only the beginning!!  Wind a way through the maze of putting greens on a marvelous adventure…with lots of laughter, probably some embarrassment (it was a little tricky at times), and a ton of FUN!

May 17
August 16
Common SEEN