One Woman Show: Rachel Stuart-Haas

"Art that rewards sustained viewing has an element of mystery or inexplicability to it. Rachel Stuart-Haas’ painting, The Creative Process, is a seductive demonstration of this, with its sensuously rendered vision of a slender woman and two young children. They exist in an atmospheric place, where one soft passage of color segues into another. The woman is dark and phantom-like; the children pale, almost spectral. One child reaches for a cup, surely symbolic as much as it is literal, which the woman grasps -- and you are left wondering whether the creative charge, embodied by that object, is running stronger in the direction of the child or the adult. Perhaps it moves both ways. Whatever is the case --and this painting is surely ripe for multiple interpretations -- the image is executed so well that you just keep looking."
Robert Pincus, Ph.D. (Art Critic)