Made Out of Paint

An Exhibition of the Artwork of

John C. Wagoner

Thursday, March 31

Complimentary parking at the Blue Scroll Mural lot
(corner of Common & Texas Streets)

"I deny my artwork as sculptures but define them as three-dimensional paintings, as these objects are entirely made out of the medium of paint. I challenge the notion of what painting is and where it could end.

In the Treatise in Painting, Da Vinci wrote about which art was the most superior: sculpture or painting?  He discussed which medium trumped the other and declared painting the victor.  However, with technology over the decades people have claimed that 'painting is dead' and we start to see this debate again, which is the most superior?

Within my work we see that painting has revived itself to evolve/adapt to our time and has begun to take over different mediums along with providing a social commentary.  The idea of paint evolving or adapting can be seen as a ‘takeover’ on various media to survive in a world where fine art seems to be fleeting."

John C. Wagoner is a lecturer at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa.  He received his Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan and his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Cornell College.

While concentrating on his ‘paint’ sculptures, he also spends time working on two-dimensional paintings of still-life imagery and commissioned portraits. He was recently featured as the artist of the day by the website.

The art theory and philosophical writings of Aristotle, Plato, Derrida and specifically Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Treatise on Painting’ have been major influences on his pieces.  The works of Rene Magritte, Marcel Duchamp, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Claes Oldenberg have also been instrumental in the development of his style.  Wagoner provides a commentary on famous artworks while combining the idea of the ‘painting takeover.’ His further explores his creations.

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