POP! is comprised of commissioned artworks, sculptural installations, fashion, kitsch, jewelry and accessories, and culinary art that defies imagination made from  Bubble Wrap® cushioning.  BubbleWrap® cushioning materials have brought fun and enjoyment to individuals of all ages for 50 years.  The early history of BubbleWrap® cushioning demonstrates, for inventors and artists, that keeping an open mind to possible applications is a clear advantage:  You may start out trying to invent one thing, only to hit on an even better idea.  POP! challenged regional Artists to explore the artistic side of BubbleWrap® cushioning!


Featured in the exhibition is a 10′ x 50′ Bubble Wrap® cushioning Painting by Marshall Dines using acrylic paint in Bubble Wrap® cushioning .  Marshall will use syringes to inject each three-dimensional cell of the Bubble Wrap® cushioning with paint creating the image of the work of art.  His work has been shown across the country, at museums and galleries including the Colorado Museum of Nature and Science, Theory and Practice Gallery, Denver; The Assembly Gallery, Denver: Phoenix Gallery, New York City; and the New York Hall of Science.  Exploring the interface between reality and abstraction using media as diverse as paint, pencil, light, and plastic, Marshall draws on his background in art and science to challenge notions of identity and being through novel interpretations of human existence and the ever-changing world we live in.

Assisting Marshall in creating the installation are 10 area Centenary students fulfilling their Service Learning or Career Explorations requirements as apprentices to the artist.  They will receive a hands-on experience of working with Dines from the creative inception to finished work.

The Opening Reception included a  fashion show by Tiffany Shemise Walker presenting 10 new fashions designed by her and made of Bubble Wrap® cushioning .  Ms. Walker has distinguished herself as both a visionary and creative force in the fashion industry. Her passion for art and fashion has converged into a fashion empire that she is building brick by brick- day by day.  She was recently recognized by SB Magazine as one of the “Most Outstanding Singles” in Northwest Louisiana and was highlighted for her dedication to the community and the impact that she is making in the lives of others. As an educator, she teaches the fashion styling and makeup artistry programs for Caddo Parish Schools at the Caddo Career and Technology Center, where she is dedicated to providing relevant, rigorous, instruction and fostering lasting relationships to assist her students with their career paths.

Michael G. Moore curated a mini-exhibition within POP! “Bubble Rap 3: Northwest Louisiana’s cartoon/comic/graphic art exhibition” is a  collection of the comicbook style artworks of 15 artists.

Other artists creating unique Bubble Wrap® cushioning artworks that have been selected to be included in the exhibition are Bruce Allen, Matt Deford, Alan Dyson, Micah Harold, Jim Hayes, Mary Virginia Hill and Tama Ripps Nathan.

In addition to the exhibitions, artspace will also feature Bubble Wrap® cushioning creations of jewelry and accessories in the giftspace.  Guests will have the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind designs in Bubble Wrap® cushioning by Jacquie Barber, Nancy Cesario, John Pickens Clothiers, Mary Caroline Spano, EZ Duzit, Amanda Roe, Lauren Ross, Brittnee Pippin, Tricia Hughes, Amy Morvant, and Urban Hip Chick to name a few.  For more information on giftspace artists, visit the artspace website at www.artspaceshreveport.com.

The Exhibition will be open from May 21st through July 27th and is free for the public during normal business hours.

Bubble Wrap® cushioning is a registered trademark of Sealed Air Corporation (US).