Shades of Shreveport

SHADES OF SHREVEPORT, features a temporary public art  installation of 20 Lamp Shades on the lightposts along the 700 block of Texas Street by Marjorie Kouns 

Photo by Anna Morris

 At 6:00 pm, Marjorie Kouns will give an Artist Talk on her experiences and creative process.     

The exhibition will be shown through Saturday, June 12th.

The Reception is Free and open to the public with light refreshments and a cash bar available. 

giftspace will feature handpainted lampshades by Marjorie Kouns for sale. 

Marjorie Kouns, a native of Shreveport who currently resides in New York, has become known around the world for the impact her artworks have on communities.  SHADES OF SHREVEPORT will turn the 700 block of Texas Street into an illumination of Spring.   Whimsical lampshades, 6’ to 8’ tall, will rise above 20 lightglobes on the lightposts lining the street.  The lampshades will reflect the colors of Spring and will include scenes from Shreveport.      

Marjorie Kouns at Work!

 Marjorie Kouns shares,  “My current work with lampshade covers for urban and rural focuses on connecting the public to art by encouraging active participation in the creative process.  I get excited to see how the creative mind functions in others by giving them the opportunity to try their own hand at this task.  The engagement of community groups, residents, businesses and politicians is crucial to each work.”  

Marjorie Kouns' previous works include the Well-Lit Chess Pieces project for Washington Square Park; Sarkahc Neves a lighting installation in Time Square, NYC; and Peace Crane, a sculpture erected in tribute to Hiroshima victims at the Josephine Butler Parks Center in Washington, D.C. commissioned by Earth Day New York.      

During this public art exhibition, there will be numerous opportunities for the community to engage with her and participate in hands-on experiences.  On Saturday, April 17th from 12:00 noon - 3:00 pm, Marjorie will teach a “Make and Take” Family Seminar as part of artspace’s monthly Family Fun series!  Participating families will make a decorative lampshade for their home.  The cost to participate is $25 per family and includes the lampshade and art materials to decorate / paint it.      

Marjorie will also be a featured artist at the FREE ArtBreak FESTIVAL:  Friday, April 30th (4 pm – 8 pm); Saturday, May 1st (10:00 am – 8 pm); and Sunday, May 2 (12 noon – 6 pm) working with children and their families to create one large lampshade that will become a public art sculpture installed in the community.