Collector's Eye

COLLECTOR’S EYE is an eclectic exhibition of a variety of art styles and works from over 25 arts collector’s who represent the artspace Legacy Donors, those persons who have contributed a significant amount of funding to support the ongoing operations of artspace.   Bruce Allen, Exhibition Curator, shares, “The legacy donors' dedication to the presentation of truly exceptional visual arts in our community inspired us to create an exhibition of works collected by those donors.  Gallery visitors will gain insight into the types of art that bring joy to the most faithful supporters of contemporary arts exhibition in our community.”

Included in the exhibition are artworks collected by Delton O. Harrison, Laura Nolan Harter, Drs. Anil & Neera Chhabra, Mark Hermosillo & Steve Ross and many others.  Delton O. Harrison, SRAC Board President, is a collector of fine arts but also has an extensive collection of cats that he has purchased or had given to him over the years that he will be sharing.  Laura Nolan Harter will be sharing pieces from her collection of paint-by-number visual artworks and Mark Hermosillo & Steve Ross will be sharing some of their favorite paintings.

The Chhabra’s, artspace legacy donors, are sharing pieces from their collection of over 50 pieces of Indian art from their native homeland.  Anil Chhabra said, “They have gained a greater appreciation for the gold-trimmed ceramic pieces that are commonly seen in India but rarely in America.”  One of his favorite pieces is a carved sandalwood sculpture of Indian dancers that is over 100 years old and was handed down from Neera’s grandfather.


The community also participated in a “Paint-by-number” project of an animated painting designed by William Joyceartspace Artistic Director, and installed by Jerry Davenport, that is in the artspace Fun-A-Torium.