Art a la Carte

This coolspace Exhibition featured students of Robin Clawson’s private art classes.  It demonstrates what “regular people” can create through study, experimentation, practice and persistent commitment to work.  It also seeks to encourage others, by example, to pursue and artistic path to self expression and creative fulfillment.  Robin’s feelings on teaching:  “Teaching is mostly a matter of unlocking what is already present in a student’s psyche and creating a safe place for the student to express whatever is there. My students are busy people with active lives, for the most part, so being able to put aside mentality and make contact with intuition is a freeing, exhilarating experience for them. It is also a restful, rejuvenating experience because when he or she is painting, there is no time for wrangling with thought. There is only the immediacy of putting down a notion on canvas. I teach principles of color and design — but what I mostly do is to cheerlead for the creative impulse. And it’s a satisfying moment for me to watch the “light go on” in those who knew little or nothing about how to express what is essentially an “inner aspect” of themselves.

Robin Johnson Clawson earned her BFA degree in painting, magna cum laude, from the LSU School of Environmental Design in 1972.  Originally from Baton Rouge, she has lived in Shreveport, LA, since 1977.  She was the first Director of the Shreveport Regional Arts Council.  Robin was the co-owner of Erie Street Company—a painted clothing and textile manufacturer—for eight years before beginning to do portraiture full time in 1994.  She now teaches private, beginner painting classes in Shreveport and is available to conduct weekend workshops. She also tutors serious art students and assists them with portfolios preparatory to college application.  Her portraits depict subjects of all ages and are done in oil pastel and pencil on paper. Each piece emphasizes a natural pose, usually in a botanical setting or an interior, and is an integrated design in the manner of a genre painting. Her non-portraiture paintings are expressionistic and usually depict interiors with human figures or still life.

The artists featured in the exhibition:
Cathie Dodson, Frances Fontaine, Peggy Guilbert, Sue Jackson, Paula Hickman, Debbie Schofield, Pam Sloan, CeCe Parker, Susie Paulovich, Tyler Jones, Amie Bolton, Fran Strange Hewitt, Julie Miller, Marissa Patton, Marie Rinaudo, Paula Sample, Brookie Walker, Lisa Brandeburg, Gigi Corley, Kathy Hassell, Elizabeth Keene, Theresa Meldrum, Katy Merriman, John Squires and Mary O’Neal

February 26
Collector's Eye