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Group/School Field Trips and Exhibit Tours are a great way for your group or school to engage in the current exhibition and receive a special group rate.  

I am a Sp. Ed. teacher in Bossier City. I was along on a field trip to Artspace recently. Just wanted to compliment you on what a thought provoking presentation you made. We are indeed lucky to have Artspace and your talented staff. My boys–sped students, who are often “off task” when being taught, were fascinated by the Bill Joyce Film and the creative Scavenger Hunt. It made a good follow up lesson for me and other teachers. Keep up the good work!“  W. Harris


In an effort to ensure young people have access to the fine arts, artspace provides Field Trips designed for a specific grade with each exhibition.  During the Field Trip, students receive two hands-on activities, taught by professional artists, that are themed to the current mainspace exhibition, along with a guided tour of the exhibition for one low price of $8 per student.


Groups are invited to visit artspace during regularly scheduled hours for special tours of the current exhibition with a guided tour by a professional artist, detailing the special aspects of the exhibition, the artists and the artwork.  Call ahead to register your group today!!