Call For Local Artists
Dennis McNett Residency
The Conjuring of the Red River

Shreveport Regional Arts Council and artspace are inviting Northwest Louisiana area Artists to apply to work with nationally known artist, Dennis McNett. Selected artists will be responsible for working alongside Dennis in the creation of, "The Conjuring of the Red River" installation located on the mainspace floor of artspace

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Project Background
Dennis McNett and the Wolfbat Tribe has made its way into the city of Shreveport during their travels across the North American continent. Several of the Wolfbat shamans felt the residual presences of ancient god when visiting the city. The greek god Pan, who was the god of rustic music, had been in the area drumming up the musical talents from blues musicians such as Leadbelly and later performers from the Louisiana Hayride. The Hindu goddess Rati had also been through Shreveport conjuring up human pleasures through Annie McCune and her notorious red light district.  The ferryman, Charon had been shuttling these notable characters from the river Styx into the Red River through a dimensional rift that had opened many centuries ago where the artspace on Texas St. now stands.

The walls of artspace will be filled with carvings in honor of these Shreveport icons and the gods who inspired them.  The Wolfbat tribe will also be constructing a dimensional rift riding Riverboat that will open the Red River from a porthole in Artspace allowing the river to flow into the gallery and shower the space with the energy of these gods and icons.

Project Description
For the exhibition, Dennis will be creating several carvings of historical musicians from the Shreveport area including Leadbelly and some country music singers from the Louisiana Hayride. These will be accompanied by the mythological greek god Pan who is the god of rustic music. Dennis will also be creating carvings representing characters from the red light district including Annie McCune and the Hindu goddess of desire.  The main installation will be a Wolfbat Riverboat which will extend from the center of the gallery to the walls including waves and interactive elements for the viewer. For the Artbreak workshop, he will show kids how to create their own Wolfbat riverboat vessel that will be included in the main installation. 

 Residency Time Frame:

1. ArtBreak week | Monday, April 20 - Sunday, April 26
       Monday- Thursday 8:30 am- 2 pm
       Friday 4:00 pm – 8 pm
       Saturday 10:00 am- 8 pm
       Sunday 11:30 am- 6 pm

Day 1(April 20th): Set up workspace area in convention center and prepare for students for the upcoming week.

Day 2(April 21st):  Begin working on installation for exhibition, this will be a workspace day.

Day 3 (April 22nd) : Master class day for High school students, there will be between 30 – 50 students who will be working with you from 8:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Day 4 (April 23rd) : Last workshop day at artbreak.

Day 5 (April 24th) : Artbreak opens to the public, all ages including parents will be participating in making the riverboat project.

Day 6 (April 25th) : Artbreak opens to the public, all ages including parents will be participating in making riverboat project.

Day 7 (April 26th) : Same as above except, the ArtBreak Awards Ceremony begins at 3:00 pm. 

2. artspace Installation April 27 - May 14

3. Additional Dates and Timeline :
·         The artist talk will take place on Thursday, April 23rd at 6:30 pm at artspace.
·         "Conjuring of the Red River" opening is on Thursday, May 14th at 5:30 pm.
·         Normal work days will be from 8:30 am – 7 pm unless otherwise notated until May 14th.
·         During May 1- 13 targeted High school students will be participating in the project after school hours.

The fee to NWLA artists is $2,350 for 100% involvement in the entire residency from April 20 - May 14.  If the artist do not participate in full residency the artist fee will be adjusted.

 Selection Criteria
- Experience with power tools and cutting wood
- Experience with building or sculpture
- Attention to detail

 Things artists may be helping with:
- Pasting and collaging printed material on wood
- Constructing a riverboat

- Detail work on the boat and install
- Coating surfaces with finish
- General assistance and clean up/upkeep of workspace

• Artist(s) must live in the 10-parish Northwest Louisiana Region (Region 7).
• Artist(s) must be registered on the Northwest Louisiana Artists’ Directory; go to the SRAC website at
Please call Vickie Marshall if you need assistance 318-673-6500.

Submission Requirements
Click here to apply online for the Dennis McNett Residency.
All Entries must be received by 11:59 pm CST Wednesday, April 1, 2015. (No  Fooling)

About Dennix McNett AKA Wolfbat
Dennis McNett was born in 1972 and grew up in Virginia Beach, VA. He moved to New York in 2001. He has been carving surly block prints for over 18 years. His encouragement as a kid came from his blind grandfather, who told him over and over again that his drawings were good. Later influences came from the raw high-energy imagery pouring out of the early 80's skateboard and punk rock scene.

His graphic aesthetic and love for narrative work has been translated in many ways. His work ranges from larger than life Viking ship performances and parades in Philly, resurrecting Nordic giants on West Broadway in Manhattan, Dragon slayings in Oklahoma, masks, installations and sculptures to unique hand-carved wood cut pieces, traditional relief prints, and graphics. 

Participating in both the fine art and design worlds, Dennis has been fortunate enough to create series’ for Anti-Hero skateboards, design shoes for Vans, have work fill the windows of Barneys, NY, and participate in the Deitch Artparade. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Juxtapoz magazine, Thrasher and Complex Magazine. He wants to live until he dies. Breathing is good.