Shawn Barber Painting Workshop

barber master class.png
barber master class.png

Shawn Barber Painting Workshop


Saturday, August 27
15 spots in this workshop.
Workshop begins at 10:00am and goes until 2:00pm (with breaks).

"We will be painting a portrait from observation in a single session," says Barber. "This workshop would benefit any practicing artist who has some experience with drawing and painting, especially observational drawing and painting," said Barber. "We will us a 'wet into wet' method of oil painting called 'alla-prima,' completing a portrait study in a short time frame," added Barber.

The cost for the workshop is $125 and includes:
all supplies, materials and live model.

Disposable Palette Tray
Assorted Brushes
Gessoed Panel; 9”x12”
Gamsol; 32oz.
Galkyd Slow Dry; 16 oz.
Assorted Gamblin Oil Paints*

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