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2011 artspace exhibitions
These exhibitions opened in 2011.

 January 20 - February 18, 2011
DUPE - coolspace
Jeormie Journell - Illustrations that question our reality and ethics. 

February 25 - May 7, 2011
 CAKELAND - mainspace
If you have a sweet tooth for art, then you would have craved artspace’s mainspace exhibition, Cakeland, showcasing seven Cakeland sculptures and an installation by California artist, Scott Hove, co-curated by Matt Kennedy and La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles.  The focal point of the exhibition was a large installation created through a two week residency engaging artists, cake decorators and students from our community.  The sculptures were formed using carvable rigid polyurethane foam and plywood, while the installation was constructed of cardboard, plywood, and found objects that have a suitable form. Both were frosted with a variety of acrylic media, using traditional cake decorating tools, and accessorized with fake fruit and other objects.

March 10 - ? , 2011
IMPROMPTU - coolspace
An impromptu – spontaneous –exhibition to showcase the Artists in Northwest Louisiana has been designed so that the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts and his Staff along with Federal, State, and Local Elected Officials, and Artists and Arts Organizations from Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas may experience the rich talent and professionalism of this Arts Community.

March 31 – April 30, 2011
Made Out of Paint - coolspace
A coolspace Exhibition by John C. Wagoner
“I deny my artwork as sculptures but define them as three-dimensional paintings, as these objects are entirely made out of the medium of paint. I challenge the notion of what painting is and where it could end.”

May 20  – July 30, 2011
 - coolspace
“In the visual arts realism denotes any approach that depicts what the eye can see. “Oh really?” is an exhibition of three female professional, established artists well-known for their work in the Realism art style.”

June 26  – July 23, 2011
Celebrating 50 years of Philanthropy through the Community Foundation of North Louisiana.  This exhibition features artists' reflections, responses, salutes and representations of Sir Issac Newton's observation:  :If I have seen a little further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

August 4 - Sept 1???, 2011
- coolspace
MY WAY by Dee Dee Hall
THE WORKS OF Jonathan Moore
VIBRATION by Dorothy Kristin Hanna

September 23 - October 22, 2011
ART OF THE ROAD - mainspace
ART OF THE ROAD” was curated by motorcycle builder Steve Culp and his bike enthusiast wife Liz Swaine.   In the beginning was the motorcycle, and what followed was a love affair that has lasted more than 100 years.  The exhibition spanned the golden ages in the development of motorcycles with bikes that were both rare and one of a kind to those who found legions of followers.  The exhibition focused on the Art of the machine itself… the lines, the creations; the ability of two wheels to transport us through a century of design and open road romance. These sculptural movable works tell the stories of their era, their countries, their designers and of wildly differing times in our lives.

September 23 - January 15, 2012
Fantastic Mr. Fox
- mainspace
FANTASTIC MR. FOX is the creation of Arthur Mintz and Hi-Yah! Productions of New Orleans.  In 2010, this show was sold out to an audience of more than 6,500 people.  Now...it's coming to artspace!

Actors for the Fantastic Mr. Fox include:  Allison Jetton, Kelly D. Mills, Emily Daye, Dean Roane, Kari Kennon, Desmond Ellington, Carrie Crawford, and Cazes Verbois.

October 28, 2011
ARTSCARE - Dead Celeb Ball